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What to Eat When Visiting Michoacan, Mexico?

Morelia is one of the most cultural cities in this country, with a vibrant artistic scene and a delicious gastronomy! To celebrate the deliciousness of this food, we have written a list with the top dishes we love from this place.

Sopa Tarasca
It is made from black beans, tomato and dried pasilla chilies. This dish is served with strips of fried tortilla, dry cheese, sour cream, Mexican epazote and Serrano chilies.

Very similar to tamales, these triangular-shapes dishes are wrapped in corn leaves and served with cheese, sour cream and Poblano chilies. They are sometimes called “panecillos del palacio” or “palace bread”.

Enchiladas morelianas
These enchiladas are my favorite ones, they are different from the traditional ones, because the tortilla has to be dipped in guajillo chilies. They are filled with potatoes and carrots and accompanied by chicken. Delicious!

This dish is originally from Apatzingan. It contains white rice, black beans, stewed in cheese and meat sauce.

This is the most famous dish in the city! It is originally prepared in copper pots. The meat is served in tacos with corn tortillas, coriander, onion, sauces and lime.

Chongos zamoranos
This dessert is originally from Zamora, Mexico and it was created back in the Colonial Era by the nuns. It is made of curd, sugar and cinnamon.

If you are interested in gastronomy, don’t miss out the opportunity to visit this gorgeous city, that will show you the best version of Mexican cuisine. If you visit Morelia, stay at the hotel Best Western Plus Gran Hotel Morelia, where you will find the best prices and best service. For more information, call 01 800 904 7500.

Photo credit: Posta