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San Pedro Tarimbaro flyers

For sure you already know or have seen the Papantla flyers in different places of Mexico, but did you know that this same tradition is celebrated in Michoacan?

In the Magic Town of Tlalpujahua in the state of Michoacan, the tradition of the San Pedro Tarimbaro flyers is celebrated, it is said it comes from before Papantla flyers. It’s not known for sure which came first but definitely it is a very attractive show, especially for visitors and foreigners.

This pre-Hispanic tradition happens outside the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Carmen, in a small outdoor space. The four participants climb a more than 20 meter high log dressed in white linen with a red handkerchief tied to the waist and colored hats. The flyers get entangled with ropes to the log using a base on top of it and wait for the music to start.

The ritual
To the beat of wind Music and drums, the flyers are released from the base and, tied only from their feet, begin to spin around the log. These 4 flyers represent the 4 cardinal points and the 4 elements, each turn they give, they use it to ask for a good harvest to the God of the Sun, and also to thank for favors granted to San Pedro Tarimbaro. The rope is slowly unraveling until these brave 4 get to the ground.

This air dance can be seen on June 29th, Day of the Patron Saint of Tarimbaro, so if you visit the state of Michoacan do not hesitate to stop by this Magic Town.

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Photo by: Michoacá