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A delicious visit to Morelia

The city of Morelia is known for its history, its traditions and magnificent architecture, however, its gastronomy also has an standing out place, specially its traditional desserts.

The traditional Morelian sweets that we know today, come from the mixture of ancient flavors that European nuns brought during the conquest, with the ingredients and techniques of the indigenous communities. These sweets have remained after all of these years, thanks to the legacy of Morelian families who have shared their recipes from generation to generation.

The origin of these typical sweets comes from the convents, because in order to preserve the chastity of the daughters of the Spanish, Creole, mestizo and indigenous elites, women renounced marriage and were confined in convents. Besides performing religious and domestic chores, the nuns dedicated most part of their days cooking. Adapting the European recipes to the ingredients they had now in the New Spain, it was that the traditional sweets we know today were born.

Despite that new techniques have been adopted and the original recipes have changed over time, the tradition remains alive in the Candy Market.

In this place you will find the most delicious and traditional Morelian sweets, like ates, quince, apple, peach and pear candies, the famous Morelianas and Morelianitas, milk candy, custard, cocadas, tamarinds and exquisite guava rolls filled with cajeta.

The main customers of the Candy Market of Morelia are tourists, who come to this place with the only intention to taste the traditional desserts in their multiple and varied expressions. As tourists come from Mexico city, Chihuahua, Colima and the State of Mexico, so do foreign tourists, from countries like China, France and the United States.

During your next visit to the city of Morelia, do not forget to stop by the Candy Market and enjoy the typical delights of the state of Michoacán.

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