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5 Must see places in the historical center of Morelia"
The historic center of Morelia is so beautiful and has so many architectural gems, that was named a World Heritage Site by UN...
Escape to the International Guitar Fair in Paracho, Michoacán
Every year in August Paracho’s Municipality dresses up to welcome everyone at International Guitar Fair.
Be prepared for the season of the Monarch butterflies 2019-2020 in Michoacan
Every year from November to March, Mexico becomes the home of a wonderful natural spectacle.
Ecotourism in Lake Zirahuén, Michoacán
Zirahuen Lake is located a little beyond an hour from Morelia city, the perfect place for an ecoturistic escapate while you v...
Las Corundas: a delicacy from Michoacan to the world
Michoacan is one of the best destinations in Mexico to enjoy delicious food.
Visit Janitzio, one of the main tourist attractions in Michoacan
Janitzio is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Michoacan, there is no doubt about that.
Visit the Morelia Zoo for a fun family day
There are so many places to visit in Morelia, that one trip is not enough to see and enjoy the city in its entirety.
Things to do in Morelia: visit the Tzaráracua waterfalls
The capital of the state of Michoacan is one of the most fascinating colonial cities in Mexico.
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With spring break fast approaching, surely want to look and feel sensational.
The wonders of Morelia, Michoacan
There are so many things offered by Morelia, which UNESCO has recognized as World Heritage of Humanity.
The best events in Morelia, Michoacán
Morelia is the capital of the state of Michoacán and one of the most colonial cities in Mexico. The [..]
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Another year has come and gone and we’re left with a profound feeling of thankfulness for everything we’ve learned and receiv...