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6 Pre-Trip Steps to a Stress-free Vacation

04 Oct 2018


Taking a vacation is one of those things that brings you joy not only for the week you’re away but also the planning weeks leading up to the big trip. From planning the destination and making reservations, to being ready to enjoy a few days of relaxation and fun, traveling is an activity that makes the soul well.

If you are about to leave on vacation, there are several things that it is important to do before so that everything goes well and you do not encounter any setbacks that could ruin part of the trip. Take note and avoid any issues.

Notify your bank

If you travel abroad, it is important to notify your bank, as a security measure to prevent fraud, they often block credit cards if they receive charges outside the country. Inform them in advance about which places you will visit, so that you can use your credit cards without problems.

Confirm all your reservations

It never hurts to give your reservations a final check. Check schedules and dates of flights, hotels and activities that you have booked. Also check which documents or codes the establishments will ask you to make your reservation valid.

Check the weather

It may sound obvious, but there are cases in which travelers do not check how the weather will be in the destination and they have to buy clothes to keep warm. Make sure you’re ready for the weather you’ll encounter.

Leave your accounts paid

If there are accounts that will expire while you are traveling, it is best to leave them paid before leaving and thus avoid late fees. This is one of the travel tips that usually goes unnoticed, but it is very important to keep it in mind.

Share your travel information

It does not matter if you go alone or accompanied, it is always important that you share the information of your trip with a loved one who stays at home. You never know when it will be necessary for someone to help you.

Clean your wallet

Get rid of all the tickets and papers that you no longer need and that you still have in your wallet. Just leave your credit cards, loyalty cards and other things that you will need during the trip.

With these tips to travel you can enjoy a stree-free vacation abroad. If you are thinking about traveling to one of the fascinating destinations in Mexico, we highly recommend you to visit the beautiful colonial city of Morelia and to stay with us at the Best Western Plus Gran Hotel Morelia. In addition to excellent facilities with comfortable rooms, gym, outdoor pool and restaurant with regional delicacies, we have excellent promotions throughout the year.


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