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Be prepared for the season of the Monarch butterflies 2019-2020 in Michoacan

18 Jun 2019

Every year from November to March, Mexico becomes the home of a wonderful natural spectacle. It's all about the beautiful Monarch butterfly that causes a huge fascination every year, while making their great journey from Canada to the forest of Central Mexico.

There are millions of orange butterflies that fly for more than 8 thousand kilometres to escape the unforgiving canadian cold and hibernate in the templated mexican forests. Here  is where they find the perfect conditions to rest, reach their sexual peak, copulate and then part to get back to their homes in the north american continent.

The forest area in which they gather has an extension of more than 16 thousand hectares that occupies the territory of Michoacan and Mexico State. This is known as the biosp here  Reserve of the Monarch Butterfly and because of its great importance since 2008 it has become part of The Natural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO.

Sanctuary of the Monarch Butterfly in Morelia

Inside the declared Biosphere reserve area are different sanctuaries open to the public to admire this tinny charismatic visitors. It is important to mention that once inside you should follow all the rules as stated or it could affect the butterflies survival.

Michoacan, one of the states with the widest natural diversity in Mexico, is the best place to visit the Sanctuaries of the monarch butterflies . Here we have two of them and they are both located close to Angangueo, less than 3 hours away from Morelia.

In Best Western we would like to invite you to enjoy this magnificent spectacle of nature, hosting you while you visit Michoacan. To take the beautiful colonial city of Michoacan as a base for your trip is ideal; not only because you get to departure to the Sanctuaries of the Monarch Butterfly from here, but also because of the many other fascinating places in the same state you would get an opportunity to visit as well.

We will be waiting for you at Best western Plus Gran Hotel Morelia, where you would find super comfortable rooms after being out all day exploring the michoacan forests, a restaurant of exquisite regional food and a swimming pool surrounded by gardens for you to enjoy an afternoon of total relaxation.

Prepare yourself to see the Monarch Butterflies this year. Remember that the season starts half throughout November and extends up until the end of March, so you have plenty of time to plan your trip!

At best western we await for you with open arms to spoil you and offer you the best hotel experience in Michoacan.

Don’t wait any longer, make your reservation in Best Western Plus Gran Hotel Morelia today. 


Foto: Kueski

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