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Celebrate the Day of the Dead in Morelia

29 Oct 2018

The Day of the Dead celebration is a beautiful Mexican tradition. According to belief, on November 1 and 2 each year, the souls of the departed travel from the world of the dead to our world to spend valuable time celebrating with the loved ones they left behind. 

It’s not a sad celebration, on the contrary, it fills our hearts with joy to receive the people who are no longer with us and to give them their Day of the Dead gifts. These offerings normally include their favorite food and drink. For example: a tasty mole, maybe a special type of beer, chocolates, tacos, a slice of their favorite cake, etc. In the case of children, it’s also common to place their favorite toys on the “ofrenda” (the altar).

The Day of the Dead is celebrated with great fervor throughout Mexico and of course in Morelia as well. In the beautiful capital of Michoacán, the festivities start to appear days, even weeks, prior to November 3 and 4, including artistic and cultural activities for the whole town to enjoy.

You can visit the Morelia Catrinas fairs, exhibits of the Day of the Dead, arts and crafts sales, theatrical performances, workshops, parades, folk dance performances, and even night tours through the municipalcemetery.

The city is filled with a unique atmosphere that is different than at any other time of year. The most deeply rooted Mexican traditions are manifested through cultural expressions that are simply amazing.

This year, you won’t want to miss the Day of the Dead celebration in Morelia, it’s an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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