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Christmas Vacation with Children

25 Oct 2018

If you have children, the Christmas holidays are one of the most exciting times of the year for your family. Not only does it mean the kids are out of school, but there’s also more time to be with the family, eating delicious food and receiving the long-awaited Christmas gifts (for those who are on the “Nice” list, of course)!

Whether you take a Christmas Vacation or stay in the comfort of your home, here are some of the things that are great to do with children during the holidays.

A Photo on the Christmas tree

This activity can’t be missed by any family. Pick out the biggest Christmas tree and take your little ones to admire and take pictures with it. This will create beautiful memories that will stay with you forever. Especially if you print the photos and make ornaments on your Christmas tree with those images. 

Go to a Christmas Pageant 

Take advantage of the Christmas Spirit that the holidays bring and takes your little ones to the movies or watch a Christmas pageant for an enjoyable, family-friendly activity.

Have an Official Christmas Dinner 

We mention this point in the event that you’re taking a Christmas Vacation abroad. It’s important to have an official Christmas dinner. The family Christmas dinner is the most important moment of the season and you must experience it to the fullest, as your family deserves.

Open the Gifts!

Christmas gifts can’t be missed for anything in the world! This reminder also applies if you’re going on a Christmas Vacation. Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean that the gifts can wait to be opened until everyone is back. Bring the gifts on your trip and take a moment to open them in the comfort and warmth of your hotel.

If you’re thinking of spending the Christmas holidays away from home, we invite you to visit the beautiful colonial city of Morelia. It’s a unique destination that will surely remain in the heart and mind of even the smallest member of the household. Additionally, for the holiday season, Morelia gets even more beautiful than ever, offering lights shows and magnificent illuminations in some of its most emblematic streets and buildings, Christmas concerts, giant Christmas trees, and many other activities.

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