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Crafts and Traditions of Morelia: Exploring Local Folklore

28 Sep 2023

Morelia, a city steeped in history and culture, becomes an even more enchanting destination for lovers of crafts and traditions. Its cobbled streets and historic squares offer a unique window to delve into local folklore. For those seeking to explore the richness of Morelia's crafts, this tour is an unparalleled opportunity.

Crafts in Morelia:

  • Clay Catrinas: Clay catrinas are a true symbol of traditional Mexican art. The process begins with the creation of a wire structure, which is then covered with a special clay mixture.

These elegant figures, which represent death festively, can be found at the Mercado de Artesanía de San Juan.

  • Typical Pottery: Pottery in Morelia is a manifestation of the indigenous legacy of the region. From plates to pots, Morelian pottery is known for its vibrant colors and unique designs.

The San Juan Snacks and Crafts Market is an ideal place to explore and acquire these pieces.

  • Patamban Textiles: Patamban, a nearby town to Morelia, is famous for its textiles. Indigenous women weave intricate designs on traditional looms.

The rugs and garments they produce are authentic works of art. At the Morelia Sweets and Crafts Market, you'll find a variety of Patamban textiles.

  • Paracho Guitars: Although Paracho is better known for its guitars, this tradition has extended to Morelia. Local artisans carve and assemble these beautiful guitars by hand.
  • Tocuaro Masks: Tocuaro, a nearby town, is famous for its carved wooden masks. Used in traditional dances and festivals, these masks capture the essence of local culture.

You can purchase them at the Sweets and Crafts Market.

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