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Escape to the International Guitar Fair in Paracho, Michoacán

02 Jul 2019

Every year in August Paracho’s Municipality dresses up to welcome everyone at International Guitar Fair. This year (2019), the captivating program of activities they’ve prepared begins on Saturday 3rd and ends on Sunday, August 11th.

The guitars from Paracho, Michoacán are famous worldwide because of their extraordinary quality. You might think we are exaggerating, but big brands of musical instruments around the world make their guitars in this small town located less than two hours from the city of Morelia. Some are even made to order by important musicians and concert musicians all over the world.

The elaboration of the Paracho guitars is an ancestral trade that’s been passed down from generation to generation and it’s been done in a completely handmade, artisanal way. There are dozens of great teachers and more than 100 constructors specialized in different types of guitars makings : Concert ones, study ones and popular music ones, all in within the municipality.

It is Also good to know, there is an Paracho guitars Online shop where shipments are made to the United States, Canada, South America and several countries in Europe. You can buy others fine instruments such as violins, violas and bases that are made with great skill by the Paracho ́s masters .

“What to expect from the International Guitar Fair in Paracho, Michoacán "

At this party you can enjoy concerts, parades, conferences, contests and many popular dances. Of course the great variety of the Michoacan’s cuisine can’t be missing, so here you can enjoy local delicacies as well as some of the most emblematic dishes of the State.

In addition to all the activities you get to do at the fair, there are also some of the most important historical monuments in the town for you to visit, such as the House of Culture, the Temple of San Gerónimo in Aranza and the Temple of Santiago Apóstol de Nurio which is considered the Purepecha Novohispano Art Cathedral.

Thanks to its proximity to Morelia, Paracho is an ideal destination to visit as a round trip. If you are going to be in the capital of Michoacan at the beginning of August, we would recommend you take a quick trip to the International Guitar Fair and enjoy an extremely pleasant day at Paracho. For more info you can consult this link

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