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Gaspacho Specialty of Morelia

15 Mar 2022

Thinking about a trip? If you love incredible urban landscapes, natural wonders, legends and historical richness, and you are also a foodie at heart; Morelia is the place to visit. 

Without a doubt, Morelia's gastronomy is one of the city's main attractions. You will be amazed when you taste the thousand and one flavors of the regional cuisine, such as the tarasca soup, corundas, pork carnitas, and of course; the traditional Gaspacho. 

What is the Gaspacho Moreliano?

If there is something Morelia is known for, it is the traditional gaspacho. When you visit this city, the Gaspacho stands always cause curiosity and amazement, "Fruit with cheese?" "Onion and chopped chili?", are some of the questions that may come to your mind when you see them. 

It may seem like a strange combination, but we assure you something: it is completely delicious. 

Here we tell you all the details about this delicious and traditional dessert from Morelia.

The so-called sweet pico de gallo resembles a fruit cocktail with a salty and spicy tone, it has mango, jicama and pineapple, all finely chopped, bathed with orange juice, chili and finally cotija cheese.

Cheese plays a major role in the Gaspacho Moreliano, the sweet and sour taste make a perfect mix that will please your palate.

One of the advantages of the Gaspachos Morelianos is that over time they have evolved, of course; you can find the traditional recipe in all the stands, but you can also give it a little twist and ask for it with another fruit such as watermelon, with more cheese, with various types of chili or for the little ones, without chili. No matter how it is prepared, in every bite you can taste the delicious flavor of Morelia and of course; refresh yourself. 

The inhabitants of this city say that if you visit Morelia and you don't try a Gaspacho, it's as if you never went. So if you want to live the true Morelia experience, you can't miss this refreshing and delicious delicacy. 

Stay at Gran Hotel Morelia

After strolling through the city of the pink quarry and tasting the delicious gaspachos Morelianos, a hotel with a pool, tennis court, beautiful rooms and close to several of the main attractions of Morelia is what you need. Stay in one of our newly renovated rooms with 24-hour room service, at Gran Hotel Morelia we pamper you from start to finish! Book a room and come to delight yourself with all the flavors that Morelia has to offer. 

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