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How do you know which is the hotel in Morelia for you?

24 Feb 2020

For each person and need, there is a suitable hotel, follow these tips and you will know what your ideal hotel has to have.

When looking for a hotel in Morelia, it is convenient to know what attributes, characteristics and services a good hotel should have.

Morelia is known for being a very attractive city, and of course a comfortable stay will make the difference when it comes to enjoying this Jewel of Michoacan. But what information should I keep in mind to know which of Morelia's hotels is best for me?

What makes a good hotel in Morelia?

First, location.

There is no point in having a great hotel in a place you don't want to be in, so we recommend choosing a hotel in the city center you visit, as this will allow you to be close to attractions, theaters, events and entertainment, just a short walk away. This is crucial to make the most of your chosen destination.

Large, comfortable rooms with a luxury bed and well equipment.

The location of the hotel you choose has no value if its rooms do not exceed your expectations. The hotel in Morelia for you should be one that takes the comfort of its visitors seriously, and should have a premium bed.

But they must also be equipped with the necessary for any emergency for example: 

  • Safety box: This is an indispensable requirement, which, although it is not in your estimation, you must always keep in mind on all your trips.

  • Air conditioning: You don't know the real disappointment, until you book a room without air conditioning. If you forget and overlook this point, you could be the victim of a bad stay. Remember to take precautions so that this doesn't happen to you.

  • Coffee shop kit: this detail can make an unexpected difference that is not usually noticed at first sight, until you need it. Don't forget to write it down on your list of requirements.

And, FUNDAMENTAL, your hotel room in Morelia should have a well-equipped bathroom, which does not happen without an ironing kit and hair dryer, in case you need it urgently. An excellent bathroom is a priority need to enjoy your room.

Without a doubt, although it may seem obvious, free Internet, in high-speed Wi-Fi, is a must. The opposite can mean a totally unnecessary disturbance in your trip.

And what good is the best of hotels if your restaurant's cuisine doesn't measure up.

A hotel in Morelia without a restaurant is a nonsense that does not merit further observation. But the quality of a hotel's culinary art is another matter, and of course it has to be at the top of your order of priorities when it comes to booking, whether it's your hotel in Morelia, or wherever you go.

A restaurant with good food makes a difference.

Of course, free parking, 24 hours, to leave your vehicle in a safe place for as long as you need.

Finally, all the above loses its value without a...

Excellence at Service.

And for this to happen, the first thing is for you to have a MEDICAL EMERGENCY SERVICE.

The treatment of the staff with you must be correct, always polite and resolute.

With all the above, a good room service and laundry service, we could say that the hotel in Morelia is approved for you, guaranteeing a comfortable stay.

But it never hurts to have a Plus. So the hotel in Morelia that has all this, but also has the best areas for recreation, will give your stay a plus that you will appreciate, and that hotel exists: Hotel Best Western in Morelia.

It has tennis courts, a gym, a beautiful pool with night lights, and a restaurant with the best food and much more. 

What the visitors of Best Western Plus Morelia Say?

“The area where it is located is one of the most beautiful in Morelia” Andres Ricardo — Best Day

“the rooms are spacious and comfortable, the facilities in general are very nice” Daniela — Best Day

“The food at the buffet is very good” Elizabeth — Best day

“It is a good hotel, with a very good location, with quick access and exit to the city. Ideal for shopping. Clean and well maintained rooms. And at a very good price. Apart from having a very good breakfast buffet.” Emmanuel A -TripAdvisor

“Pleasant and comfortable rooms, cleanliness and hygiene. The reception staff is friendly, they make you feel important and in regard to the food they have good taste, quality and diversity for all tastes” Carlos H — TripAdvisor

Book Best Western Morelia now here 

Or for personal assistance call +1 (888) 408 0678 Best Western Plus Gran Hotel Morelia... Your ideal hotel in Morelia

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