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International Film Festival of Morelia: Cinema, Culture, and Winter Fun

08 Oct 2023

Morelia, the colonial jewel of Michoacán, dresses up each winter to welcome filmmakers and cinema enthusiasts as part of the International Film Festival of Morelia. This city, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, becomes the epicenter for Mexican and foreign filmmakers, offering a unique experience where culture and fun intertwine.

The International Film Festival of Morelia is a cinematic celebration that attracts talented filmmakers and cinephiles from around the world. During the event, the cobbled streets of Morelia come alive with the excitement of screening Mexican and foreign films, highlighting the creativity and diversity of voices in the film industry.

What to Expect at the 2023 Festival?

The festival promises an exceptional selection of films spanning genres, styles, and perspectives. From thrilling dramas to innovative documentaries, the festival program showcases the best of contemporary cinema. Additionally, the presence of prominent Mexican filmmakers is expected, providing a unique opportunity to get up close with the magic behind the screen.

Which Mexican Films or Filmmakers Will I See in This Edition?

This year, the Official Selection includes a total of 96 national creations distributed across various categories: 11 projects in the Mexican Feature Film Section, 12 in Mexican Documentary, 62 in Mexican Short Film, including 16 animated, 17 documentaries, and 29 fiction shorts, and finally, 11 in the Michoacan Section, consisting of 10 short films and 1 feature film. It's worth mentioning that 45% of the selected works were directed by women.

Moreover, in a notable ceremony, Mexican filmmaker Michel Franco will showcase his latest film, "Memoria," in a Grand Gala. This work features the remarkable performances of Jessica Chastain and Peter Sarsgaard, with the latter awarded the Volpi Cup for Best Actor for his impactful portrayal of a man affected by dementia.

Also, Mexican films such as:

  • Confessions | Carlos Carrera
  • Dante and Solitude | Alexandra De la Mora
  • The Trace of Lips | Julián Hernández
  • Rain | Rodrigo García Sáiz
  • Human Resources | Jesús Magaña
  • The Flavor of Christmas | Alejandro Lozano
  • Mrs. Influencer | Carlos Santos
  • The Shadow of Catire | Jorge Hernández Aldana
  • Straight | Marcelo Tobar

International films premiering include: "Gol gana" by Taika Waititi, "Wildcat" by Ethan Hawke, or "Robot Dreams" by Pablo Berger.

Whether you're in search of a documentary, fiction film, Mexican movie premieres, or even an indigenous peoples' forum, you'll have it all at your fingertips at this festival.

Lodging near Morelia Film Festival, stay at Best Western Morelia:

To make the most of this cinematic experience, we recommend staying at Best Western Morelia. Strategically located just 13 minutes from the Mariano Matamoros Theater and 20 minutes from Cinepolis Morelia Centro, the festival's main venues, the hotel becomes a comfortable refuge for cinephiles.

Given the popularity of the International Film Festival of Morelia, it's crucial to book your stay in advance. Hotels, especially those close to the festival venues, tend to fill up quickly. Ensure your accommodation at Best Western Morelia to enjoy our cozy rooms and proximity to the vibrant festival scene.

The International Film Festival of Morelia is not just a celebration of cinema but also an immersion into the rich culture of Morelia. Join this unique experience, dive into impactful films, and make Best Western Morelia your home during this world-class cinematic event. Reserve today and get ready to experience cinema, culture, and fun in Morelia!

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