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Las Corundas: a delicacy from Michoacan to the world

21 May 2019

Michoacan is one of the best destinations in Mexico to enjoy delicious food. Its cuisine is vast, flavorful and the way it fuses traditional flavors with ancestral cooking techniques is truly extraordinary. This is why, this state is one of the greatest exhibitors of mexican gastronomy. 

The Corundas

Corundas are a perfect example of this, although in essence they are tamales, their flavor and peculiar shape make them completely different that any other tamal you can find in Mexico. They are typical of the lake regions and the north of Michoacan, but you can find them all over the state.

Corundas have a distinct triangular shape, but some cooks like to get crafty and sometimes they can have up to 7 peaks. There are tons of filling options like cheese, pork, beans, and vegetables, but the traditional ones are made with lard and ashes. Normally they are served with tomato sauce, and topped with cream and cheese.

These tamales are so delicious that other neighboring states like Guanajuato, Jalisco, Queretaro and Colima have also included them in their gastronomy, but the original ones are from Michoacan.

The beautiful city of Morelia, being the capital of Michoacan, is the place that converges the state’s diverse cuisine and here you can practically find all of the typical dishes, no matter if they are originally from another city or regions of the state. So if you are about to visit Morelia, get ready to enjoy, aside from corundas, the delicious uchepos (corn tamales), enchiladas, carnitas, the traditional tarasca soup and an exquisite variety of pozole. See?, this is why Michoacan elevates Mexican gastronomy.

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Foto: Cocina Delirante

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