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Mezcal de Michoacán, a Mexican drink for everyone

14 Jun 2018

The popular voice says that mezcal belongs to no one and belongs to everyone. So, you have to enjoy it!


Although this Mexican spirit has existed for hundreds of years (when it was a drink of the people, consumed exclusively by its peasants), it began to gain large scale popularity only a few decades ago in urban areas and later reaching the large Mexican cities, and now - the whole world!

Surely you have heard about the different types of mezcal that exist, and that Oaxaca is the main producer of this beverage in Mexico. However, there are nine states in the country that have the denomination of origin of mezcal. The state of Michoacán is one of the most involved in the battle for the production of mezcal. In fact, in the coming years, Michoacán seeks to position itself as the second largest mezcal producer in Mexico, establishing training and certification programs for other mezcal producers.

There are more than 30 municipalities in Michoacán that produce this smokey spirit in an artisanal way and in a very peculiar way. Mezcal is made in copper pots from Santa Clara (a Pueblo Magico in Michoacán with a long history of fabricating copper) on which they install a wood system and a cooler. This type of artisanal mezcal production is not done anywhere else in the country.

Among the types of mezcal in Michoacán, the one made with maguey Cupreata is one of the most loved by all. Other favorites are the Inaequidens, and the Espadín, which is also well known in other mezcal regions of Mexico. In Michoacán, mezcal is produced in villages such as Indaparapeo, Piedras de Lumbre, Oponguio, Etucaro and Tzitzio.

The beautiful city of Morelia, being the capital of the state of Michoacán, is the place where all of the mezcal flavors and aromas converge, including the mezcal produced in its different regions.

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Photo: Michoacán Travel

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