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Michoacán’s Primary Agricultural Exports 

27 Sep 2018

Michoacan is a Mexican state that is rich in natural beauty, culture, gastronomy, pre-Hispanic legacy and also in agricultural exports.

The fertile lands in their fields have the most ideal conditions for cultivating high quality fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to these conditions, their agriculture is exported to more than 20 countries worldwide, placing the name of Mexico very high in quality agricultural products. 

Michoacán’s worldwide agricultural exports:


The Michoacan avocado is maybe the best quality you’ll find in the world. The state produces more than a million and a half tons of avocados that are exported to the US, Canada, a few   Central American countries such as Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras, almost a dozen European countries and several more from the Asian continent. In Michoacán, avocados are referred to as "green gold".

Michoacan Strawberries

Michoacán produces more than 60 percent of the national strawberries with around 340 thousand tons per year. Strawberries are grown in 23 municipalities including Zamora, Jacona, Ixtlán and Tagancícuaro that leads the production.


More than 90 percent of Mexican blackberries are produced in Michoacán with almost 250 thousand tons per year. This huge production generates more than 11 thousand direct jobs throughout the state. Europe, Asia and the US are the main destinations to which this delicious fruit is exported.


Lemons are cultivated in almost 45 thousand hectares in 30 municipalities across the state of Michoacan – the most important being Buenavista and Apatzingán. The US, Canada, France, Spain and Japan are the main countries who import these Michoacan lemons.


Michoacán has more than 20 thousand hectares dedicated to the production of mangos. Of those, just over 3 thousand are grown organically. Michoacan mangos have a presence in 29 municipalities, Apatzingán, Lázaro Cárdenas and Gabriel Zamora being one of its largest producers.

This fruit is one of the most requested worldwide, so its exportation generates around $500 billion Mexican pesos per year.

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