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Tarascan soup, 100% Michoacán flavor

06 Mar 2018

If you want to eat deliciously in Mexico, without a doubt, the state of Michoacán is one of the best places to do it.

Michoacán cuisine is one of the most applauded in the country. It conquers everyone's palate with its delicious uchepos, corundas, variety of pozoles, enchiladas, carnitas, and, of course, the traditional Tarascan soup –of which we want to talk you about on this occasion.

The Tarascan soup is one of the most representative dishes of this cuisine and traditional Mexican gastronomy in general. Its history goes back to the end of the sixties, when in Pátzcuaro, Mr. Felipe Oseguera wanted to prepare a special and distinctive dish for the inauguration of his small inn that was soon to be held. For several days, he and his family cooked, trying different combinations of ingredients, until they create this soup that immediately captivated their palates with its delicious home-made flavor. The name "Tarascan soup" emerged to pay homage to the indigenous people of the region, the Purépechas, who are also called "Tarascans". Its preparation is based on a kind of beans called bayos, chicken broth, tomato, fried tortillas and a chili called chile ancho; it is decorated with a touch of cheese, sour cream and deep-fried chili (yes, like good Mexicans, more chili is added).

Its recipe is as simple as it is delicious, and thanks to its ease, and because the ingredients are easy to find and are also quite affordable, it is a soup that is prepared quite often in Mexican homes. For all of this, Tarascan soup has a very special place in Mexican cuisine.

The beautiful city of Morelia, being the capital of the state, is the place where the great variety of delicious Michoacán dishes converge and can be found, regardless of whether they have their origins in other cities or regions of the state. Delight your palate in this beautiful colonial city, where we invite you to choose Best Western Plus Gran Hotel Morelia as your lodging option. Here we will welcome you with open arms to pamper you and make your stay in Michoacán an unforgettable experience. In addition, in our restaurant you will find some of the Michoacán delicacies that we have mentioned, so you can try the best of this traditional cuisine a few steps from your room.

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