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Things to do in Morelia: Visit the Mezcal Faire: "Mezcalmania”

05 Jul 2018

If we can all agree on something, is that mezcal is fashionable, and very much so. This spirit is one of the most traditional in Mexico, and although it has been around for hundreds of years, it has become popular on a large scale in the last couple of decades. Today, we can find numerous "mezcalerias" – or bars that specialize in mezcal - throughout Mexico and also in many important destinations in the world.

Morelia is a Mexican city that’s at the forefront of Mexican culture and trends, including its large tourist, cultural and gastronomic offer. For this reason, Morelia has hosted a “Mezcalmania” faire for some years.  This is a festival that gives honor to Mexican traditions by presenting more than 30 Mezcal brands from Michoacan mezcal producers. Here you can taste the finest mezcals and purchase bottles to take home.

But not everything at the fair is mezcal, you’ll also find other traditional Michoacan drinks such as tequila, charanda, pulque and craft beers. Of course, no Mexican festival is complete without good food and great entertainment. The "Mezcalmania" agenda also includes dances, concerts, competitions and booths that offer traditional food from the state of Michoacan.

If you are looking for things to do in Morelia, "Mezcalmania” is an excellent option to enjoy with friends and family. This year (2018) will be its fifth edition and will take place on the third weekend of September in the Garden of the Convention and Exhibition Center of Morelia, also known as "Ceconexpo", located just a few steps from the Best Western Plus hotel Gran Hotel Morelia. There is no cover to enter this event – everyone is welcome.

If you want to come to this mezcal fair, don’t hesitate to choose Best Western Plus Gran Hotel Morelia, because not only are we the best lodging option for "Mezcalmania", but also to enjoy any visit to the beautiful Michoacan capital. We have spacious and comfortable rooms, a fully-equipped gym, a sparkling outdoor pool to relax after mezcal tasting, and a restaurant where you can try some of the most representative delights of our exquisite typical Mexican cuisine.

For all this and more, you can rest assured with Best Western Plus Gran Hotel Morelia that your trip will be complete and that we’ll pamper you as you deserve. Visit our website to learn more about us and the excellent promotions we have throughout the year:

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Photo: Mi Morelia

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