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Tips to save on your next road trip

07 Jan 2019

When we travel, many times we spend money on things we could avoid and just know a few secrets to save during travel, we will see that we can take this money to perhaps extend a stay or why not, travel to another city that was not contemplated.

We have created a list of tips to save money on a road trip, which will help you prepare your trip better and save on some aspects.

1. Anticipation

Knowing the details of our trip in advance will help us avoid situations in which we should spend money. These details include:

●Hotel reservations

● Make an itinerary or mark on a map all the places we want to visit, what we want to see and where we are going to stop.

● Locate the gas stations that are on the road and allocate an estimated budget. You can research it on the internet or download apps and take everything in your phone.

● Assign and prepare the exact amount of money you plan to spend during the trip and keep an approximate record of the expenses you are making to make sure everything goes according to plan.

● Be sure to take extra money for any type of unforeseen event.

● Always carry cash, credit cards can be a problem during a road trip.


2. Prepare your car

Before starting your trip, make sure your car will not leave you lying halfway. Check it out or, if you are not good at mechanics, take it with an expert to be sure you are in condition to go on the road. Here are some points to review:

● Filters

● Oil levels

● Brakes

● Antifreeze

● Tire pressure

3. Save on gas

Hereare some tips that will help you save money on fuel:

● Check that your tires are at the correct level, this will help you save money on gas by 3%.

● Do not exceed the speed limits. Driving at a speed of no more than 100- 110 km / h will make gas saving more efficient.

● Do not drive at low speed either. Driving, say at 80 km / h, will represent an extra expense per gallon.

● As mentioned before, locate the gas stations through the internet or through an app and verify that there are no extra charges when paying with credit cards.

● Do not overload your car, carry only the necessary luggage and avoid carrying it on the roof of the car, it is better to put the suitcases in the trunk.


4. Accommodation

One of the devourers of expenses during trips are in question of accommodation. If you are thinking about staying in a hotel, try to do a search in advance to get the best prices. Also look for hotels that offer free breakfast or some other extra service.

Other options to save money on accommodation are camping, staying at the home of a family member or friend or using the new apps where you can find people who offer their homes as accommodation for one or two nights. It is not the comfort of a hotel, but you can save a little.

5. Save on food

Here are some tips to save on food during your trip:

● Pack food and some snacks before starting the trip.

● Avoid buying in fast food chains or expensive restaurants, better stop in a small store or mini super, you will pay much less.

● Bring drinks and snacks in a cooler to keep them cool during the trip.

Here are some tips that will save you money on a road trip, however these others can also be helpful:

● Negotiate - some prices may decrease if you are a social and persuasive person.

● Ask about discounts available, such as discounts for students, seniors, children, etc.

● Do not go with the flow and try to travel to little known places or that are not so popular, because they will always be cheaper. And if you decide to travel to very tourist destinations, try to do it in the low season, when there is not so much tourist flow.

Road trips are usually very enriching, as well as full of funny anecdotes and new experiences. If you are planning your next trip to Mexico and are thinking of doing it this way, we recommend booking your stay today at Best Western hotels, which offers an excellent option for lodging in each destination. Its comfortable rooms, equipped facilities and exceptional service will allow you to enjoy an unbeatable stay after traveling long distances.



Photo by: Leda Giordano 


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