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Travel Tips: The Best Way to Pack Your Bags

15 Nov 2018


How to pack a travel bag is something that we struggle with every vacation! It’s not because of the difficulty of putting our clothes and personal things inside it, but there’s always something that we forget, or that we carried much more than what we really needed, among other things.


If you’re about to take a trip of any kind, it doesn’t matter if it's just for a weekend, or for half a month, these travel tips will help you pack your luggage faster — without forgetting necessary items.


Make a packing list

Write down all the things you think you’ll need for your trip. At the end, check if you can dispense with some or if you forgot to include others. Above all, write what can not be missing for anything in the world. At the time of packing the suitcase, check off what you are putting into it.


Roll up your clothes

It sounds funny, but rolling clothes instead of folding them can save a lot of space.


Fill Empty Spaces

This seems like obvious advice, but actually there are empty spaces in the corners and even inside your shoes that you can fill with small things. It can be socks, or bags for makeup, lotions, etc.


Prevents Fluid Spills

It’s horrible to open the suitcase and that some liquid has exploded in flight. For this you have two options: put the bottles that carry liquids to a bag or case that has a closure or can be sealed, or put plastic film on the bottles. This can be done by removing the caps, placing the plastic on top and closing the cap over the plastic.


Put valuable things in your Carry-on luggage

Everything of value is best carried with you: money, personal documents, tablets, laptop, jewelry, credit cards, etc.


Weigh Your Luggage

Lastly, weigh your luggage. Don’t set yourself up for a bad surprise of having to pay for overweight luggages at the airport, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you don’t have a luggage scale, just weight yourself on a home scale, then step off, and when you step back on - hold you luggage. Subtract your weight from the total and there you have it!


Now that you know how to pack a travel luggage or carry-on like a pro, it's time to start packing for a great vacation in Mexico. At Best Western Hotels in Mexico, we’ll be waiting to pamper you as you deserve and give you the best hotel experience. We have hotels throughout the country, so wherever you want to travel, we’ll be there to receive you with the excellent service that characterizes our hotels.


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If you want to know more travel tips, we invite you to continue reading our blog. Enjoy your vacation in Mexico with Best Western Hotels!


Photo: Carmen Dominicci


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