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Visit Morelia during Easter Week 2022

15 Mar 2022

Easter vacations are approaching, it's time to give yourself a break, and do different activities with your family, friends or your significant other. You are probably looking for a travel destination that meets all your expectations, a good hotel with excellent location and a list of things to do. 

So how about exploring Morelia this Easter? The capital of Michoacán possesses a perfect combination of the qualities of a destination that every seasoned tourist seeks: incredible natural landscapes, great historical richness, gastronomic variety and an architecture that captivates everyone who observes it.

Thanks to the many qualities of Morelia, this city has become one of the favorite vacation destinations, discover all you can do at Easter when visiting this world heritage site.

What to do in Morelia during Easter Week 2022?

If you are looking for a place full of traditions and rituals, Morelia is the right choice; this city is ready to welcome you to celebrate Easter and give a twist to your daily life. Schedule your vacation from Sunday, April 10 to Saturday, April 16, you are sure to find an activity that is tailor-made for you. From strolling through the alleys, visiting museums or even enjoying the procession. 

Visit the historic center of Morelia

Strolling through the historic center of Morelia will surprise you, it is known as the pink city, since most of its buildings are made of quarry stone of this color. You can walk through its streets, admire its monuments and taste the gastronomy of the place, do not forget to make a stop to eat the famous Tarascan soup or some delicious carnitas in the purest Michoacan style. 

If your thing is sweets, take a walk through the Museo del Dulce (Candy Museum), with more than 5 rooms that will explain the elaboration process of the typical sweets of Morelia, such as Morelianas, ates, crystallized fruits, wafers, milk sweets, chongos zamoranos, cocadas, and more. 

Meet the Morelia Aqueduct

With 253 arches and almost 8 meters, the Morelia Aqueduct is an imposing historical structure, its function until 1910 was to supply water to the city, now it is a great attraction of the pink city. 

If you want to visit it we recommend you to do it at night, the lighting makes it look majestic; you will also find coffee shops, and restaurants nearby where you can have an incredible time with your travel companions. 

Take a long walk down the alley of romance in Morelia

Welcome to one of the most beautiful streets in Morelia, the alley of romance. This street is full of historical monuments, in 1965 the small street was remodeled adding some fountains, planters and lighthouses.

Besides its innate beauty; the alley of romance is so called because along it, you can find verses of the poet Don Lucas Ortiz, these are written on the walls and represent the culture and love of the people of Morelia for this beautiful city.

Walking down this street is a must if you go with your partner, don't forget to bring a padlock and tie it with a red ribbon, it is believed that if you write your name and your partner's name their love will be unbreakable.

Morelia Cathedral

An architectural beauty in all its splendor; the Cathedral of Morelia, it has a monumental pipe organ and thanks to the quality of the sound inside the Cathedral, it has been the venue for the Morelia International Music Festival.

Visit Janitzio 

If you have a little more time, you can't miss the island of Janitzio, where you can take a boat ride, visit the monumental statue of José María Morelos y Pavón or visit one of the 5 temples located there; you can also taste blackberry tamales, Tarascan soup, churripo, pollo placero and more. 

Procession of Silence in Morelia, 2022

If you want to soak a little of this famous Mexican tradition, you can attend the Procession of Silence 2022 in Morelia; which returns after two years of suspension due to the pandemic. 

This tradition will return next Saturday, April 16, as part of the Holy Week activities of this 2022; the objective of this procession is to represent and commemorate the biblical stories pertaining to the episode of the Passion of Christ. 

Morelia has activities for everyone; whether you want to relax a little, get to know the pink city or experience one of the most deeply rooted Mexican traditions up close. Now that you know everything you can do here, it's time to think about where to stay. Book a room at Best Western Plus, you can relax by the pool or enjoy one of our themed buffets. We are waiting for you! 

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