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Welcome to the Magical Christmas in Morelia!

13 Nov 2023

Christmas in Mexico is a celebration that awakens all the senses. The streets light up with twinkling lights, the scent of punch and tamales fills the air, and carols fill our ears with joy.

In the heart of Michoacán, the city of Morelia dresses up during this special season. Morelia becomes a true Christmas paradise. Want to know what to do during Christmas in Morelia? Keep reading; we have a list of activities that will fill you with holiday spirit!

Christmas Activities in Morelia

1. Admire the Colorful Piñatas: 

You can't visit Morelia at Christmas without marveling at the impressive piñatas that adorn the streets. From November 6th to January 6th, Plaza Comercial Allende becomes the epicenter of these festive creations. Here, you'll find piñatas of all colors, sizes, and shapes.

They are so beautiful that they could be considered works of art. These piñatas aren't just for children; adults are also enchanted by the craftsmanship and detail of these creations.

2. Enjoy a Christmas Dinner: 

Christmas Eve dinner is an important tradition in Mexico. Morelia is no exception, and many restaurants and inns offer delicious Christmas dinners. You can choose to enjoy a traditional Mexican dinner with tamales, bacalao, romeritos, and "ponche".

Don't forget to try the "ponche", a hot and fragrant beverage that combines seasonal fruits with sugar cane and spices. It's the perfect companion to stay warm on chilly December nights!

3. Visit the Morelia Cathedral:

The majestic Morelia Cathedral is a special place to visit during Christmas. Its towering towers are illuminated with festive lights, creating a breathtaking spectacle.

Inside the cathedral, you'll find beautiful depictions of the birth of Jesus and a tranquil, contemplative atmosphere that contrasts with the bustle of the Christmas streets.

4. Enjoy Ice Skating: For a truly magical experience, don't miss the ice skating rink that is set up in Morelia during the holiday season.

Both children and adults can enjoy ice skating in the city center. It's a fun activity that will surely make you feel like you're in a real winter wonderland.

5. Explore Nearby Magical Towns: Morelia is the perfect starting point for exploring the charming Magical Towns of Michoacán. Pátzcuaro, Tzintzuntzan, and Cuitzeo are some of the nearby destinations that celebrate Christmas in a unique way.

Each of them offers its own vision of the festivities, from Christmas markets to traditional celebrations. Feel free to take a trip to these places for an authentic Christmas experience.

Stay in Gran Hotel Morelia:

After a day filled with Christmas activities, you'll want a comfortable and cozy place to rest.

Gran Hotel Morelia is the perfect choice. Its spacious, well-equipped rooms offer you the ideal refuge. Additionally, you can enjoy its amenities, such as the outdoor pool surrounded by lush gardens, professional tennis courts, and the gym.

Wondering where to dine? The hotel's restaurant serves both local and international delights. Gran Hotel Morelia is an oasis of tranquility amidst the city's Christmas festivities.

Book your hotel in Morelia in advance During Christmas, Morelia is a very popular destination. Hotels tend to fill up quickly, so it's essential to book your accommodation in advance. Gran Hotel Morelia offers you a unique experience of comfort and hospitality. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit of Morelia and its surroundings!

Christmas in Morelia is a truly special experience. The festivities, the lights, and the joy in the air will remind you why this is one of the most wonderful times of the year.

So, if you're planning a Christmas getaway, Morelia is the perfect place to celebrate this season with style and Mexican charm. Happy holidays!

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