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What to do in Morelia? Discover the history of the Morelia Aqueduct

18 May 2022

Morelia is a beautiful city with palaces, theaters, magnificent religious buildings, emblematic monuments and an exquisite gastronomy that mixes dishes with pre-Hispanic essence and sweets that will fascinate you.  

In the capital of Michoacán there are hundreds of activities to do, and much to see; you can take a walk through the historic center and discover why it is called the city of the pink quarry, during your tour do not hesitate to try a gaspacho moreliano, you'll love it! You can also take a walk through the most representative palaces, such as the Government Palace of Michoacán, or if music is your thing, don't forget to visit the Conservatory de Las Rosas, where you can walk through its beautiful gardens and enjoy the peace that overflows in this place. 

But if you really want to delve into the history of Morelia, you can not miss the Aqueduct, here you can learn a little of the history and legends that embrace this site.

Visit the Morelia Aqueduct and learn about its history and legends.  

The aqueduct we see now, was not the first one built in Morelia, since the first aqueduct was built in 1549 with a wooden structure, tejamanil and trunks carved as canoes that transported water. 

Later, its structure was replaced by a lime and stone structure that lasted until the beginning of the 18th century, to give way to the construction we know today.

The aqueduct of Morelia is considered one of the most imposing and beautiful in Mexico, it was built during the Mexican colonial era and is the most important building in the city. Currently, this is one of the most visited points of the city and its measurements are as surprising as its own existence; it was seven kilometers long, but today it only has a total of 253 arches and the total construction reaches 1700 meters.

Formerly, this aqueduct was in charge of carrying water to the city limits. Then it was distributed through a subway pipe.

To enjoy it completely you can walk along it while you enjoy the surrounding parks, you can also find different fountains, such as the Fuente de Las Tarascas, and if you decide to walk along it at night you will be amazed by its lighting. 

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