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What to eat in Morelia? Try these 5 typical meals and fall in love with the Michoacan cuisine.

30 Jun 2022

When you visit Morelia you will find everything you are looking for, be it adventure, history and of course, lots of flavor. In the streets of the capital of Michoacan you will find both urban and natural landscapes that will amaze your eyes, if you are a history enthusiast, you will find historical richness and legends that are kept alive, mesmerizing architecture and a number of dishes that will delight all your senses. 

But if you are more interested in trying different snacks, desserts and typical food of each place you travel to, let us tell you that Morelia will not disappoint you. 

The gastronomy of Michoacán is extremely rich and varied, and in Morelia you will find so many dishes that you won't know where to start, so at the Gran Hotel Morelia we decided to make a list of the most delicious and traditional dishes of this city.

So prepare your senses, put on sunscreen, comfortable clothes and go for a walk through the beautiful pink quarry stone streets of Morelia, every corner will give you a new dish to try. 

5 typical foods of Morelia, Try them all! 

If Morelia is famous for something, it is for its varied amount of sweets, its beautiful handicrafts and the imposing natural attractions it has, for example, the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary or Lake Patzcuaro and Janitzio.

If you consider yourself a foodie at heart, and you never get tired of tasting all the delicacies of Mexico, visit Morelia, you will love it. 

Tarascan Soup

To whet your appetite there is nothing better than the tarasca soup, made with ground beans, tomato puree and dried pasilla chili. It is usually served with fried tortilla strips, cotija cheese, cream, epazote and chopped serrano chiles. Sounds delicious, doesn't it? This will be the perfect way to start your day, a dish so popular that you can try it at Camelinas Steak House, the restaurant of Gran Hotel Morelia. 


One of the favorites for breakfast are the Uchepos, these are small tamales made with tender and ground creole corn. Their consistency is soft and sweet. The main characteristic is that they are prepared with tender corn, in addition, butter, salt, sugar, milk, and fresh corn leaves are added. They are typically served with a little cream and fresh cheese. 


The origin of corundas comes from pre-Hispanic times, this small tamale is usually triangular, but can have up to seven points. To prepare it, cooked corn dough is used, it is mixed uniformly, then it is steamed and later served. Recently, there have been changes in its preparation, and cheese, chilaca strips, pork, vegetables, or legumes are added.

Pasta snow

But if sweetness is your thing, you definitely have to try the nieve de pasta. It is traditionally prepared in a copper pan by combining ingredients such as milk, sugar, vanilla, baking soda and honey. 

The great feature of this snow is its delicious creaminess, don't forget to buy one while walking back to your accommodation at Gran Hotel Morelia. 


Finally, don't forget to taste the ate, a sweet that is prepared with a fruit and sugar paste, it can vary in size and flavor, depending on the fruit used in its preparation, such as tejocote, peach, quince and guava. 

What makes ate so delicious is the combination of sweetness with the natural acid of the fruit, which when it melts in your mouth creates a real feast of flavors, and if you want to add an extra spark, you should try it with cheese. It will fascinate you. 

Remember to take home typical sweets and ate, they will be a perfect souvenir of your visit to Morelia. 

Stay at Gran Hotel Morelia

After a stroll through the city of the pink quarry and a gastronomic tour around Morelia, rest in a hotel with swimming pool, tennis court, beautiful rooms and close to several of the main attractions of Morelia is what you need. Book a room in Morelia, and enjoy Gran Hotel Morelia, We'll pamper you from start to finish! 

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