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Why Morelia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

05 Apr 2018

There is no doubt that Mexico is a country of astounding beauty with a cultural, historical and natural wealth deep into its roots. Several Mexican cities, towns and locations have been named UNESCO World Heritage sites. So far, there are 48 World Heritage Sites in Mexico alone, 34 of them are cultural goods, 12 are natural phenomenon and 2 are mixed (cultural and natural). Mexico stands out in Latin American as the country with the most locations declared UNESCO World Heritage sites, and the sixth country in the world, only outnumbered by Italy, Spain, China, France and Germany.

The beautiful, historic center of Morelia, Mexico was named a Cultural Heritage of Humanity site in 1991. Its fascinating architecture is the reason for this designation. There are more than 1,000 monuments and historic buildings with rich artistic value. The architecture in Morelia is a site to behold.

There’s not simply one architectural style in Morelia. Its streets and buildings have markings reminiscent of the Renaissance, the Baroque, the Colonial and the Neoclassical periods. These styles are uniquely combined with the Frenchified taste of the Porfiriato era, resulting in a beautifully charming architectural diversity. To all this, we must add the peculiar pink color of its buildings. A large majority of the buildings in Morelia were constructed with a pink quarry, a material typical of the region.

Although its architecture cannot be assigned to a particular style, the way in which the exteriors are constructed and decorated with sculptural and vegetable elements is known as "Baroque Moreliano". It’s a characteristic component of the historic buildings of Morelia.

One of the greatest charms that Morelia offers, is that the city that we see today is the same city that the previous inhabitants and settlers walked in the 16th century. This makes touring its historic city center an exciting immersion in history, culture and splendor of an age of beauty in the capital of Michoacán.

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